Best Natural Juice Producer

Kral-canned LLC is one of the largest producers of natural juices and nectars in the Russian Federation.

Our products

The main principle of the company is the production of only high-quality products from natural fruits and berries, while preserving the maximum amount of nutrients and vitamins.

KRAL is premium natural juices and nectars without colorants, flavors and preservatives.

DeVita – natural juices and nectars in eco-friendly, recyclable packaging. No flavors or colors

Melograno – natural juices and nectars in plastic bottles. The whole range of flavors, only natural ingredients.

Without additives and preservatives

The products are made from natural raw materials from Azerbaijan, Russia and Belarus, do not contain preservatives and dyes. We have our own laboratory, which constantly monitors product quality

Factory in Russia

Our own factory in the Russian Federation allows us to set affordable prices for the entire range of our products

Developed logistics

High-quality, well-functioning supply chain throughout Russia and to 15 countries of the world. We have the ability to arrange delivery anywhere in the world.

Sales geography

Our juices are already exported to 15 countries of the world: the USA, China, Germany, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Poland.

Our partners

For a long time, Kral Canned LLC has been working with large networks in Russia, USA, Germany, Poland, China and has been able to establish itself as a reliable partner, with a clear fulfillment of its obligations.